Is your MYOB/ASS lagging? Constant disconnection? Hang?
Check out Remote Ready (RR) to see how it can help you!

MYOB/ABSS via Remote Ready

With Remote Ready (RR) Server Software, you can turn your existing MYOB/ABSS Desktop based Software into a Server Hosted Environment that allows you to be able to connect to MYOB/ABSS via internet from Home or Anywhere in the world.

MYOB/ABBS lagging?

Facing lag issues when using MYOB/ABSS with mulitple users? Remote Ready (RR) can speed up the performance of your MYOB/ABSS. For up to 2.5 times your current accessing speed regardless of the number of concurrent users!

MYOB/ABBS constant disconnection?

MYOB/ABSS frequent disconnection or hang during multiple concurrent users? Increase your accessing speed with Remote Ready (RR) ! Disconnection or hanging issues will be reduced greatly and may even be potentially removed.

Access MYOB/ABSS online?

Do your users need to access your office’s MYOB/ABSS software from different locations in Singapore or even overseas? Need to be able to access MYOB/ABSS online? Remove Ready (RR) can allow users to access their office’s MYOB/ABSS software from anywhere in the world via the internet.

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